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6.7.20 -  I hope everyone is keeping well. Here's this weeks home learning challenges!

29.6.20 - Please find below all the things you need for this weeks activities. This time I have not included the maths, phonics and activity links as you all have these in your home learning packs. I have just included links to the stories you need and the time-lapse video as written on the activity overview sheet. Have fun completing this weeks activities and we will get the next pack out to you towards the end of the week!

Please watch the time-lapse sequence below that shows how a bean grows.

Here's a link to a different version of the story...Jack-and-the-beanstalk

29.6.20 - Here's this weeks home learning....

For 22.6.20 - Please find the outline of our activities for next week....

12.6.20 - Please see below the overview of activities for the week beginning 15.6.20. I shall then post on further links to the activities mentioned.

PHONICS Learning from 8.6.20

I shall put on links here to activities (again you will get these in your packs) and also some you-tube phonics teaching videos that are excellent in the delivery of phonics. This can easily be accessed via phone or tablet etc to watch with your child at home. 

Foundation stage children:




Year 1:

Phase 5 Phonics Activity Booklet.pdf


Year 2:




This is a fantastic you-tube site for letters and sounds phonics lessons. We will be using some of these in school too. Please watch 1 per day each week. More are added daily so there are plenty to choose from! Enjoy! Letters and Sounds Lessons

Maths Learning from 8.6.20 - Please find links to your maths for each year group...There is an activity and worksheet for each day (each day follows on from the next) and also an answer booklet for you to mark the work or allow your children to self mark. Foundation boys and girls will have an activity sheet per day. Please see below:

Foundation maths 1      

Foundation maths 2

Foundation maths 3

Foundation maths 4

Foundation maths 5


Year 1 activity sheets

Year 1 answers


Year 2 activity sheets

Year 2 answers


4.6.20 - 

Hi all. Please see the following links and activity ideas we have put together for home learning from Monday 8th June. We will also post out packs to you all with activities that are printed off. Links to these will be found on here too. Below is a sheet that explains various activities that is linked to our theme of the weather. I shall add the links to any activity sheets that is needed for you to look at on here or to print. They will be in your packs too. We have included another exercise book for your children to write in and complete the tasks set below. (I have noticed that the document below misses off some words but once downloaded its fine!)


20th April 2020 -

Hi everyone, I hope that you are all keeping safe and well. Here are some more home learning ideas and suggestions for you to complete. There are a lot of suggested activities, you do not have to complete them all. They are there for ideas only. To access please just click on the links below.

Home Learning for Year 1 and Year 2

Home learning for Foundation stage

Foundation stage parents - don't forget you can upload all your children's activities and things you have done together onto Tapestry so it can be used for evidence at the end of the year. If you are unsure on how to do this here is a link .....Tapestry for parents


Take care everyone. 

Due to the Coronavirus situation we have made work available for self isolating pupils at home during this time. Please see below to access the document.

Homework Task-Reception

Homework Task-Year 1 and Year 2

Useful websites for home learning

Websites and online learning

The following information has been provided to keep you up-to-date with the long and medium term planning.  Please click on the subject heading below to view the planning.





Computing Y1

Computing Year 2

Design & Technology

Physical Education/Dance


Home Learning Tasks FS2

Home Learning Task Y1

Home Learning Task Y2


Computing Unit 1.2

Computing Unit 1.3


History - Transport

History -Year 1 and Year 2


Home Learning Tasks FS2

Home Learning Task Year 1