1. Parents

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School Uniform

School Absence: Please report absences on the first morning of illness on 01964 536594. 

School Absence - Guide for Parents.  The Local Authority has provided a leaflet for parents (version 4) regarding medical appointments and illness.  The leaflet explains when to contact the school if your child is absent from day 1 and offers advice if/when you child becomes ill

Medi Info  (Head Lice)

Head Lice 


At Hornsea Burton Primary School we acknowledge the importance of sun protection and want staff and pupils to enjoy the sun safely. We will work with staff, pupils and parents to achieve this.  

Parents/carers can ensure that pupils are adequately protected by providing them with:

  • appropriate clothing, including hats, between April and September
  • an application of a long lasting high factor sunscreen (SPF 15+) before school, and at lunch-time if necessary


Teachers and other support staff are not legally obliged to administer sunscreens, therefore the support and co-operation of parents/carers is essential. Parents/carers have prime responsibility for their child’s health.


Dear Parent/Carers

Following the Department for Educations ‘Universal Infant Free School Meals’ initiative, from September 2014 all our Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children will be eligible for a Free School meal.

We would ask that you encourage your child to take up the hot meal offer, but accept that some of you may prefer to provide a packed lunch for your child. A menu is available to you on the school website, www.hornseaburton.eriding.net, school notice board and sent home to help you make an informed choice.

If you have other children in Years 3 and above their meals provision has not changed.   These children will still be offered a free school lunch, but only if their parent/guardian is in receipt of welfare benefits. An application for free school meals is available from the Local Authority. For those children not eligible for a free meal in Years 3 and above, the price per day for a school meal will be £2.30.

 If you have any further questions regarding school meals or Pupil Premium funding then please don’t hesitate to contact the school office.


We are delighted to annouce the school has been awarded the Basic Skills Primary Quality Mark Award for the 6th time (21 January 2019). 

The award promotes, supports and celebrates progress and improvements made by a school in English and Mathematics. There are 10 elements of the Quality Mark framework which are assessed and externally exmained. 

NHS East Riding of Yorkshire

Urgent treatment services have been introduced across the East Riding, to assist you in deciding who to contact and where to go and we have attached the following information. 

Urgent Treatment Services

What to do and where to go if you become ill